Reading Civic Theatre


If you are interested in serving on a committee, please send an email to with information on what committee you would like to serve.

Current Committee List :

Building & Construction Committee        – Larry Pisano, Roger Levesque, Dave Jones, Brandon Kegerise,

Costume Committee                               – Linda Bechtel

Sets and Props                                       – Karen Levesque, Jeannette DeAngelo, Melinda Sullivan

Hospitality Committee                            – Melinda Sullivan, Karen Leiboff

Membership Committee                         – Karen Levesque

Show Committee                                    – Jeannette DeAngelo, Barb Yurich

Ticket Committee                                   – Roger Levesque

Internet Communications                       –  Roger Levesque

Gala Committee                                      – Roger Levesque, Karen leveque, Melinda Sullivan, Jeannette DeAngelo,

Gala Committee (con’t)                           – Karen Leiboff, Barb Yurick. Chris DeGruchy

Sponsorship Committee                         – Roger Levesque, Dave Jones, Jeannette DeAngelo


Reading Civic Theatre