Reading Civic Theatre

RCT 2017 “FOOTLOOSE” Fundraisers


RCT will be hosting two fund raising events to support the upcoming show “FOOTLOOSE”. The first one is:

WHAT – Peanut Bar – Join us for a dinner at the Peanut Bar. RCT will get 20 % of all meals to RCT
supporters – just say you are there to support RCT and 20 % of your meal will be donated to RCT.

WHEN – TUESDAY July 25 – 5 PM till 8 PM.

WHERE – Peanut Bar Restaurant on Penn St between Third and Fourth Street. There is a parking lot
behind the Peanut Bar on Cherry Street.

The second fund raising event will be :
WHAT – Applebee’s Breakfast – Join RCT for an Applebee’s breakfast. Cost is &8.00 per person.

WHEN – Saturday August 19 between 8 AM and 10 AM.

WHERE – Applebee’s Restaurant on Woodland Ave in Wyomissing, PA


Reading Civic Theatre