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    Please look at the CURRENT SHOW tab for information on RCT's remaining show schedule which includes "CAMP ROCK" scheduled for September 16 - 18, 2016 at the RACC Miller Center for the Performing Arts. Tickets for CAMP ROCK can be purchased by selecting the link under Links on the right hand side of this page labeled - Miller Center Camp Rock Ticket Web Site. You can also view pictures of CAMP ROCK by selecting the CAMP ROCK PICTURES drop down under CURRENT SHOW tab.
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    Auditions for the RCT performances of Harry Connick's "THE HAPPY ELF" will be held on September 20, 21 and 22 at the RCT Hall on N 10 th St. This show will feature actors, singers and dancers from age 8 to  80.   Here is the character breakdown for the show: THE HAPPY ELF CHARACTER BREAKDOWN .  Here is a list of the audition songs for the show : audition-songs-for-the-roles-for-happy-elf. Audition time will 6:30 PM each evening.   ON TUESDAY EVENING SEPTEMBER 20 THERE WILL BE A PERUSAL OF THE MUSIC FOR THE SHOW BEFORE AUDITIONS BEGIN. Please come out and audition for this show which will represent RCT"s return to the SPAC - Santander Performing Arts Center, currently scheduled for Dec 10 and 11.
    RCT has initiated a RETURN TO SPAC campaign. In order for RCT to get back into the SPAC, RCT needs to pay the royalty fees for the show that we have reserved. Although we have paid some of these fees we currently need additional funding. Letters will be sent to past members and current members asking for donations to support our return to the SPAC. You can also donate using the link on the right hand side of the page titled "RETURN TO SPAC" . Thank You in advance for your continued support of theater in the Reading community.


    Please reference the FUNDRAISERS tab to see the our new 20016 - 2017 RCT fundraising campaign. This campaign offers discounts of 20 - 33% on current show sponsorships and program advertising opportunities. Please review the details on the FUNDRAISERS tab and take advantage of our discounted pricing to gain maximum exposure for your business and continue your support of RCT and the theatrical arts.

    Please see the Community tab under HOME for the upcoming show schedule for Reading Community Players and Genesius Theatre.

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